So you think you want a tattoo?

So you think you want a tattoo?

Larnaka Ink - So You Think You Want a Tattoo

Well I’m not surprised, they’ve become very popular over the last decade where it seems people have developed a desire to be unique and perhaps stand out from the crowd. You’ve seen it with cars where you can now order your car with your own colour scheme and individual preferences. A long way from the days when you could have any colour you liked as long as it was black. Well things have changed a lot since those early days in the car industry and now the same can be said for tattoos.

They can be as wild as your imagination and as different from the tattoos of old as chalk and cheese. Tattoo equipment has evolved and improved and the standard of skills of the Tattoo Artist has leaped ahead so that now work of photographic quality can be produced. This probably accounts for some of the surge in popularity. You can now carry your favourite work of art with you or your favourite picture of your wife, child, mother etc.


For all its appeal though you must remember that the act of tattooing is invasive and therefore hygiene is imperative. If you’ve decided its what you want then first make sure that the Studio you are to use is scrupulous about hygiene, has the right sterilising equipment to ensure this and that this equipment is tested and certificated.

The UK has arguably the highest standards in the world but once outside of the UK standards can drop considerably. Don’t get caught out.


Any bona-fide Studio will be happy to show their certification and explain their procedures. There’s no excuse nowadays for any Artist not to use new needles for each client. If yours does not then make your excuses and leave.


People ask about the pain. All I can say is if it was that bad why do so many people have second tattoos. If you’re really worried about it you can use anaesthetic cream beforehand to numb the area and that is easily available at most pharmacies.


That’s the serious stuff, now lets get down to the fun stuff.

You can trawl the internet for the design, photo, painting or drawing of your dreams and know that if you use the right studio, your dream work can be reproduced. You can also drink coffee and lounge in the studio of your choice, leafing through the thousands of designs they will undoubtedly have, to give you ideas. Its all good from here. You will soon see why so many film stars, musicians and people in the public eye (celebrities) love tattoos. They bring out the individuality in you because you will invariably have a tattoo that is special to you and maybe has meaning only to you.

So my final advice is, choose your Artist carefully, make sure you see many examples of his work and be sure you like his technique. Technique’s can vary that doesn’t mean they are good or bad, just different. However if his style doesn’t suit you then he/she’s not the right Artist for you. Once you have found an Artist whose work you like, talk it through with them and make sure you like them as a person. Remember you might be in close proximity to this person for maybe 2 hours or more and if they are arrogant or sharp it might not be the pleasant experience it should be.

Once you’re sure you’ve found the right Artist and Studio spend enough time to be sure the design you have chosen is the right one for you. If you take all this on-board you will find that your tattoo is a joy that will give you pleasure for all time.

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